Blockchain technology will be addressed in engineering week at USP

The technology event will be broadcast by Youtube on Tuesday (27).

Blockchain technology will be addressed in engineering week at USPNOTÍCIAS

The IV Computer Engineering Week (SENC) of the University of São Paulo (USP) will have a lecture dedicated to blockchain technology, which will be broadcasted by Youtube on Tuesday (27).

Thus, with activities between 26 and 30 October 2020, USP’s computer engineering week comes in its fourth edition this year, with online lectures by experts in various technologies besides blockchain.

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Scheduled to begin at 5.30pm, the blockchain lecture for engineering students will be given by Bernardo Madeira, a production engineer who has already worked on the security team at BTG Pactual bank.

Blockchain at USP
The blockchain will be addressed on the second day of the IV Computer Engineering Week at USP, which will end next Friday (30). In addition to this technology, other lectures will announce experts in Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity and Information Technology (IT).

The lecture on „The potential of blockchain in people’s lives“ is scheduled to last one hour and will end with the lecture „IoT in Ouro Preto (MG): towards being the first intelligent historical city in the country“.

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According to the event description, the blockchain speaker has over 25 years of IT experience. In addition, Bernardo Madeira is studying for a PhD at INRIA institute, located in France.

„Bernardo Madeira, certified specialist in the platform, will help with so many doubts and show the potential of Blockchain in people’s lives“.

Registration for the IV Computer Engineering Week at USP is free and is open until the last day of the event, on Friday (27). The participants can access the lectures through videos on Youtube, which are available in the programming of the engineering meeting.

Event will address the potential of blockchain technology (Reproduction/Facebook)

Engineering and technology
Blockchain technology is being addressed at various events related to production engineering, as reported by the Cointelegraph. Besides the IV Week of Computer Engineering at USP, the XL National Meeting of Production Engineering (ENEGEP Web) recently took place, where technology was the theme of a directed session.

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In the case of ENEGEP Web, the event was organized by the Brazilian Association of Production Engineering (ABEPRO). The session directed on blockchain had the following theme: „Application of Blockchain in Supply Chains: Management, Traceability Control and Influences on Production Process Stages“.

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